No unnatural scents. No harmful chemicals. No headaches.


We’ve made it our duty to give more consideration towards our own ecological impact. Beyond donations to foundations that are sworn to protecting our planet, it is our goal to only use recycled, recyclable, and reusable material that is safe for the environment, by the end of 2022.


Companies with large-scale production techniques utilize chemical additives and recipe adjustments to compensate for the degradations of the final product. Remaining true to the process, and foregoing the attempt to increase profit margins allows for superior versions of our products.


We recognize how essential it is to understand our clients, and their personal needs. Because we are cognizant of the therapeutic properties essential oils contain, we can help to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit. Let us curate an individualized experience for you.


I am loving these oatmeal soap bars! I tend to have dry skin and these are a godsend. I use them all the time now.

Sandi R.

Oatmeal Soap Bar


I absolutely love Herbal Jawn! I got two candles and they've lasted me months. I bought the best sellers bundle for my friend and she loves them too!

Nicki S.

Best Sellers Bundle


Probably the best smelling candle I’ve ever had. It really warms up a room! I will definitely be buying again.

Hayley B.

Black Coral and Oakmoss


The candles are the best. I’ve given them as gifts, and everyone raved about them! If you’re considering a purchase, definitely include candles!

Karen O.

Winter Candle Set


I’m used to buying basic fragrance candles from retail stores, but these are high quality that make all the difference to never go back.

Joseph F.

Moroccan Mint