Our love affair with the metaphysical began through a personal exploration of essential oils.

They were always meant to be utilized throughout our spiritual practice, but what could essential oils really do for our mental health and physical well-being? Were we only getting out of these products what we made of them, or was there truly a reason why we felt so connected to utilizing these instruments throughout our routine?

These questions started the never-ending obsession with traditional ritual uses of different metaphysical products; finding out how they were initially meant to be applied, and what their medicinal purposes were for the human soul.

Since the beginning, there was always an interest in finding ingredients that were of top quality. If these ritualistic tools were meant to become a large part of our daily practice, this amount of intimacy left us no room for error.

To us, this meant no chemicals, no pollutants, and no elements that were namely unrecognizable. Hearing similar struggles from those within the community, and having an interest to share my ever-growing knowledge on the metaphysical, Herbal Jawn Apothecary was born.