A Look Into November

A Look Into November

It's November-- a time filled with thankfulness and family, and being socially acceptable to start talking about the holidays (we are a Post-Halloween family in this house). It's also Matthew's birthday month, and in two weeks we'll be moving into a new apartment!! All exciting things that are sure to make this month fly by. 

October has been a great month of reflection, not only internally, but for what the future holds for Herbal Jawn Apothecary. New accessories, new candle jars, new packaging, oh my it is going to be an eventful 2023.

We are currently perfecting our holiday products, which are due to be released November 9th. Instead of waiting, though, I decided to give you all a sneak peak on what you might be seeing come next Tuesday. 

But before we talk about that, let's going into some details about what October had to bring to the table--

Here are some things I’m feeling grateful for this month:

  1. My bed set from Citizenry that makes getting out of bed when it's cold outside even harder.
  2. Palo Santo album by Years and Years
  3. Porscha Smoked Champagne Flutes from CB2
  4. The Rehearsal TV show
  5. This GIGANTIC spider from our local Halloween shop

  6. Mushroom Barley Soup made by my mom (thanks mom)
  7. Studio Candle Co's INSPIRATIONAL booth set up

Octobers Most Popular Products:

  1. White Tea Ginger Candle

  2. Oud Wood Candle

  3. Tobacco Candle

  4. Vanilla Nutmeg Candle

  5. Kaffir Lime Soap


Number One Question I Was Asked At the Markets:
Do your candles have fragrance oils in them?

- Short answer, yes. Our candles have a mix of natural essential and fragrance oils combined to provide an optimal scent experience. However, like in our Synthetic Fragrance Oil statement, not all fragrance oils are created equal. With our oils we ensure they have no phthalates or benzene derivatives. This means when you light one of our candles, you aren't breathing in any harsh chemicals that are synonymous with headaches or allergic reactions. Our candles are safe and clean, and you'll be able to tell the difference the moment you light them. 

My Favorite Product I'm Adding in November:

  • Coffee Sugar Scrub

- Since the beginning we have only had a single sugar scrub in stock: Lemon Poppy. We went through many iterations from having the scrubs whipped, to including SCI to make it feel more lathering, and we always came back to the most basic, raw ingredients-- organic raw brown sugar, organic vitamin e, and organic essential oils. What's better than knowing what you're putting on your skin is completely natural? So, after solidifying our recipe, we are finally expanding and are happy to put out not only one sugar scrub this month, but two (orange clove). Check them out in the bath section!

November’s Products I am Excited To Finalize:

  1. Novembers Gift Box
  2. Nag Champa Bar Soap
  3. Maddy Made Pottery Ceramic Pieces
  4. New Incense Holders in stock

Shows We Are Doing in November:

  1. The Saturday Club Holiday Market in Wayne, PA: November 12th (10 AM to 2 PM)

What are we thankful for this year?

Me: Finally having a beautiful and comfortable home to grow in and solidify some roots. 
Matt: Chira
Chira: Windows. 

Have a great November, everyone!

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