A Look Into October

A Look Into October

Over the last few days I have felt the full force of the chilled autumn air fill my senses, as I want to do nothing but sit inside, cook some dinner, light an incense, and reflect. 

I have my partner to thank for pulling me out of the house at least once a week for some much needed human interaction, but it always feels so nice to head back to the house and cozy up. 

At the moment, I am working on some new holiday scents, as well as preparing for the Christmas market season. Thoughts of the new year, new artisan partnerships (more to come), and a potential full time space (also more to come) have us looking ahead to a fruitful new year. 

But, for now, it's Frank Sinatra on vinyl, whiskey with a single ice cube, and being surrounded by all the warm, neutral colors that the fall foliage brings.

Here are some things I’m feeling grateful for this month:

  1. Raven Incense Holder from CB2
  2. Wooden Pumpkin-Cutout Pillar Candle Holder from HomeGoods
  3. My Way by Frank Sinatra
  4. Utilizing the winter jacket closet again
  5. Pho from Pho 75 in Philadelphia
  6. All of the wonderful new connections I’ve made from Avenues Cafe and New Hope Arts and Crafts Festival
  7. Moon+Chapels beautifully inspirational space

  8. Obakki’s enlightening accounts of artisans around the world

Septembers Most Popular Products:

  1. White Tea Ginger Candle

  2. Oud Wood Candle

  3. Tobacco Candle

  4. Honeycrisp Apple Candle

  5. Kaffir Lime Soap


Number One Question I Was Asked At The Market:
What is the purpose of the wooden wick in your candles?

- Wooden wicks provide a variety of different uses beyond the aesthetic. First and foremost, they create a beautiful crackling sound while burning. These will neither pop nor be distracting, but rather exude a subtle hum that is reminiscent of white noise. Being more sustainable than cotton wicks, the wooden wick allows yours wax to burn more evenly. Gone are the tunneling issues of the past. Instead, a beautiful, bright, warm flame will be produced that is pleasing to look at, and even more pleasing to hear.

My Favorite Product I’ve Added This Month:

  • Raw Black Clay Incense Holder

- It’s a little odd to talk about this product as it’s one of the very few things I haven’t personally made myself. However, this speaks to the larger volume of things to come for Herbal Jawn. We are partnering with a local artist (MaddyMadePottery) that I am excited to have just started working with. She will be making almost all of my incense and smudge holders and is the first of many artisans that I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Check back in a few weeks as her smudge bowls will be available for sale exclusively on the Herbal Jawn site!

This Month’s Products I am Excited To Finalize:

  1. Clove Candle
  2. Fir Balsam Soap
  3. Our First Gift Box

What Shows Are We Doing This Month:

  1. Made in Philadelphia Fall Market: October 7th and October 8th (12PM to 8PM), and October 9th (12PM to 6PM)
  2. Avenues Cafe Market: October 23rd (11AM to 5PM)

What are we being for Halloween?

Me: Nathan Drake from Uncharted
Matthew: Zero Suit Samus
Chira: Kobra Kai

Have a great October, everyone!

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